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Discover our commitment to sustainability through SDGs

Building a sustainable future for the fashion Industry

The SDGs are a shared commitment to building a more sustainable and equitable world These goals guide efforts to eradicate poverty, improve education, promote gender equality, address climate change, and achieve sustainable development.

They represent a global vision for a better world that combines economic growth, social justice, and environmental protection.


We are committed to achieving the following goals at every step of our business:

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SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Waste Reduction: We are committed to reducing waste We follow a “zero waste” practice, which includes creative use of leftover materials and careful resource management. Our goal is to create clothes without unnecessary waste, enabling a sustainable future for fashion.

Sustainable Materials: We are committed to using sustainable materials in our products. We use recycled textiles, organic cotton, and biodegradable materials whenever possible. By doing this, we are not only reducing our environmental impact, but we are also promoting responsible resource consumption.

Ethical manufacturing methods: Our production is based on high ethical standards.

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SDG 5: Gender equality

The Foundation for Confidence: Patricia Pie believes in the power of clothing to build women’s confidence. Our clothes are designed to highlight the uniqueness and confidence of every woman. Every piece is designed with the thought that every woman finds her own expression of beauty.

Promoting Diversity: With an emphasis on diversity of shapes and models, we want to break stereotypes and promote a positive understanding of beauty in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

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SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

Decent Work: High standards and fair pay in our atelier create an environment of decent work.

Economic Growth: Collaborating with local artisans not only strengthens the local economy but also fosters sustainable growth and innovation in the fashion industry.

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SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Innovation in the Fashion Industry: By establishing our own atelier, we enable faster development of more complex designs and promote sustainable production of Perfect Fit garments.

Collaboration with Young Designers: We are open to collaborating with young designers who are full of innovative ideas and a fresh perspective on fashion. We offer them customized production services that encourage and support young talents in developing and presenting their creative ideas.

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SDG 13: Climate action

Climate Change Awareness: We are aware of the importance of climate action and the need to continuously reduce the environmental impact of fashion. We actively raise awareness among our customers about the impact of clothing on the environment and promote sustainable practices in everyday life.

Use of Renewable Materials: We are committed to using renewable materials and reducing our carbon footprint. By doing so, we are contributing to global efforts to reduce climate change.

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SDG 17: Partnership for goals

Collaboration for a Sustainable Future: Patricia Pie believes in the power of partnerships to achieve sustainability goals. Through close collaboration with our customers, local partners and young designers, we are building a shared sustainable future in the fashion industry. Together for a better tomorrow.

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