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The art of refined details

New Elegance

Our women’s fashion collection for autumn/winter introduces a fresh dimension of elegance and innovation, drawing inspiration from classic feminine elegance. Each piece is thoughtfully designed with sustainability, quality, and a unique feminine style in mind, reflecting the romantic and sophisticated aesthetic of our brand

The art of costume fashion

Each piece carries a distinctive element of costume attire – whether it be pronounced pocket details, refined lines, or elegant flaps. It expresses a sophisticated elegance that combines historical roots with a modern touch

Romance and Femininity

The collaboration with artist Alenka Vrhovnik Težak adds an extra dimension to the collection, as her illustrations infuse a touch of romance and femininity into the clothing The collection merges classic elegance with an innovative spirit, creating an exceptional experience for fashion enthusiasts who value tradition and contemporary art.


Handmade art

Every piece of the collection is handmade and ethically produced in Slovenia by a team with more than 20 years of experience Materials such as Tencel, high-quality wool, bamboo, recycled polyester, and silk enrich the texture of clothing and emphasize the aesthetics of costume style

Find your piece from our beautiful collection

Vest Enita
Dress with lace and gathered sleeves Elza.
Knitted dress with adjustable collar Imogen 3
Silk blouse with elegant details Elizabeta – black
Shirt dress with a unique collar, Enja
Silk blouse with floral and butterfly print Edera
Silk blouse with decorative shawl Eneja – black