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Designer Barbara lives her dreams

"As a girl, I knew that one day I would make beautiful clothes :)”

Barbara Franjić, the passionate creator and founder of the fashion brand Patricia Pie, has expressed her love for fashion since childhood With her extensive education in textile design and leading experience in the textile industry, she independently took over the management of the brand in 2014 Despite initial challenges, her perseverance overcame obstacles, leading to the establishment of her own studio where she now creates unique Perfect Fit garments With a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, she is introducing a new chapter in the fashion industry. Under Barbara’s leadership, Patricia Pie combines exceptional style with a vision that ensures women feel completely confident and unique.

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Barbara Franjić, the founder of Patricia Pie, has been passionate about fashion and design from a young age, which she clearly expressed as a child, weaving the canvases of her creative potential Her passion for art and craft only grew over the years, especially after completing secondary textile school, where she gained a thorough understanding of textiles and design. This deepened knowledge further fueled her dedication to creating fashion that is both beautiful and sustainably made. By continuing her studies and earning a degree in textile design and modeling, Barbara gained an even deeper insight into clothing design, from material selection to the perfection of patterns. This educational advancement allowed her to refine her approach to creating garments that not only look beautiful but also embody the principles of sustainability and craftsmanship that Patricia Pie stands for.

Throughout her career, Barbara gained experience in leadership positions at major textile companies and later, together with a friend, founded her first fashion brand. Although the partnership did not last, Barbara, despite great uncertainty and a lack of entrepreneurial knowledge, persisted and later independently leads the brand Patricia Pie Her collections reflect Barbara’s aesthetic, which combines the timeless silhouettes of the fifties and sixties with modern romance and eco-conscious approaches. She is known for her innovation, attention to the smallest details, and courage in pushing the boundaries of sustainable and ethical fashion, never yielding to conformity.

In the past, one of the obstacles to the brand’s growth was that Barbara did not have sufficient sewing capacity, In August 2023, she established her own studio, where she now leads a small team of experienced artisans By doing this, Barbara has fulfilled her long-standing wish and is extremely grateful to have a team that is always available and ready to help. Together with the seamstress and tailor, she can design even more complex and refined models, thus realizing her design talent even faster.

With new creative energies and production capabilities, Patricia Pie enters an exciting new chapter. The atelier enables the creation of unique Perfect Fit garments, tailored to the individual measurements of each client and designed exclusively for her The atelier is also opening up opportunities for young designers by offering tailored production services – Barbara is paying it forward, providing the support she once missed, in the development of designs and the production of their first small series

At Patricia Pie, exceptional style is united with social responsibility, supported by the creator’s vision advocating a holistic approach to fashion design Barbara Franjić infuses her creations with passion, ensuring that every woman feels beautiful, unique, and brimming with confidence.

Our mission

Creating with Responsibility

Patricia Pie združuje tradicionalno obrtniško znanje s trajnostno prakso v proizvodnji oblačil. With the goal of preserving the expertise of our team of tailors and seamstresses, we create romantic collections for the modern woman We actively attract young talent to the tailoring and dressmaking professions We combine handcrafted garments with high-quality materials, creating unique pieces that exude a high yet comfortable elegance We are committed to sustainable sourcing of materials and adhere to a “zero waste” practice. Through close collaboration with our clients, we encourage thoughtful consumption and an awareness of the art of clothing design.

At Patricia Pie, we strive to preserve and promote the traditional craftsmanship of tailoring and sewing while also leading environmentally responsible garment production Our aim is to preserve and promote the expertise of our small yet experienced team of tailors and seamstresses, who create our romantic and feminine collections with great energy and joy. At the same time, we recognize the significant shortage of professional sewing and tailoring knowledge, and accordingly, we strive to attract the younger generation to these crafts in line with our capabilities .

Our handcrafted, high-quality garments merge timeless style with contemporary details They are intended for the modern woman who recognizes the dedication, our experience, and the energy that we stitch into our creations. We focus on stunning silhouettes, high-quality materials, and elegant accessories. With which we create unique pieces that radiate a high yet simultaneously comfortable and wearable elegance.

We strive to use the highest proportion of renewable and biodegradable options in sourcing materials and lead a “zero waste” production practice through ethical manufacturing processes. At every step and with every decision, we consider the environmental impact.

Through close collaboration with our customers, we aim to encourage mindful consumption and a renewed appreciation for the artistry of garment creation.

Our Guiding Principles

Visionary Elegance

At Patricia Pie, we are committed to becoming a widely recognized European sustainable fashion brand. We are constantly improving our circular economy practices by creating unique, high-quality garments that are designed for elegance and sustainability. We are committed to reducing our environmental and social impact, and we encourage our customers and suppliers to make thoughtful choices about clothing. We are committed to preserving our unique feminine style and fostering trustworthy partnerships on the path to a fairer and more sustainable future. Our operating guidelines include prioritizing sustainable materials, using ethical production methods, choosing local partners, regularly assessing impacts, involving customers in developing practices, collaborating for positive changes in the fashion industry, raising awareness about pollution, and striving to attract younger generations to tailoring and dressmaking professions. We also develop collections for long-term wear and encourage the combination of garments from different collections for sustainable and versatile combinations.

At Patricia Pie, we are committed to becoming a recognizable sustainable fashion brand in Europe. who is constantly improving its circular economy practices and creating unique, high-quality, stylishly designed garments that are both elegant and sustainable. At Patricia Pie, we strive to minimize our environmental and social impact, and we inspire our customers and suppliers to make thoughtful decisions about clothing. We are committed to maintaining a unique feminine style and fostering trustworthy partnerships with our stakeholders on the journey towards a more just and sustainable future.

To achieve these goals, we have established the following guidelines:

  • Aligned with our capabilities in our everyday operations, we prioritize the use of sustainable materials.
  • We are committed to using ethical production methods for manufacturing our products and maintain zero tolerance towards partners who do not adhere to this commitment.
  • In all our activities, we prioritize selecting local partners, thereby strengthening the local economic environment.
  • We regularly review and assess the environmental and social impact of our business operations and take measures to reduce any potential negative impacts.
  • We actively monitor feedback and concerns from our customers and actively involve them in the development of our business practices and decisions.
  • We collaborate with both customers and business partners to co-create solutions and initiatives that benefit everyone and foster positive changes in the fashion industry.
  • We conduct awareness-raising activities about pollution in the fashion industry and the importance of sustainable practices in fashion.
  • We carry out activities to raise awareness about the lack of sewing and tailoring skills in the wider local community and strive, within our capabilities, to attract younger generations to these professions.
  • We develop collections designed to be worn for several years and encourage customers to mix and match our clothing from current and previous collections to create sustainable and versatile outfits.

By adhering to these guidelines, we believe we can fulfill our mission and become a leading sustainable fashion brand in Europe, contributing to a fairer and more sustainable future for all.

Our values:

Collaboration for sustainability

Sustainability and ethical practices

We are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly operations, reducing waste and environmental impact, and ensuring fair working conditions for all involved in our processes.

High-quality traditional craftsmanship

We take pride in our method of crafting garments made for long-lasting wear. Instead of striving for high productivity, which can cause stress to employees, we prioritize quality craftsmanship in a calm and friendly working environment.

Custom-tailored clothing

With our Perfect Fit service, we offer custom-made clothing and services, thereby reducing excess inventory and waste while also meeting the specific needs and desires of our customers.

Circular economy practices

We strive to create a closed-loop system where resources are conserved and reused, focusing on practices to reduce waste and protect the environment.


We believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of working together with customers and partners to co-create solutions that benefit everyone and foster positive changes.

Thoughtful decisions

We inspire and motivate our customers to make thoughtful decisions when purchasing clothing, contributing to a fairer and more sustainable future.